Nuvo Reputation Power explanation and FAQ

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With Nuvo's Reputation Power (RP) mechanism, you can build a gamification plan and encourage users to engage with your project more. Whenever you issue a new NuvoBadge, you can design levels and criteria with the associated RPs that allow you to interact with users in events, conferences, training, and more.

Please note the only rules from Nuvos are as below.

  • Each user account may collect up to 100 RPs per NuvoBadge

  • Each user account may collect up to 1000 RPs per project.

Once the user has collected 1000 RP from your project, the user can still collect new NuvoBadge issued by you, but the RP will never increase. When this happens, users are not incentivized to level up anymore. You are advised to give out RPs wisely and plan the whole picture before issuing any NuvoBadges.

Below is a sample set in a day event.

  • Level 1: General attendee, Rp range: 1-5

  • Level 2: Bronze member, Rp range: 6-10

  • Level 3: Silver member, Rp range: 11-15

  • Level 4: Gold member, Rp range: 16-20

And the incentive is

  • Participate in the event. Get 1 RP with the NuvoBadge

  • Go to session A, +5 RPs

  • Go to session B, +6 RPs

  • Go to session C, +7 RPs

  • Mary joined the event and only went to session B. Her final RP is 1+6=7, which sets her in level 2 as a bronze member.

  • Joe joined the event and went to all sessions. His final RP is 1+5+6+7=19, which sets her in level 4 as a Gold member, the highest level.

It depends on how the organizer likes to reward the participants. It could set a cash prize such as.

  • Level 1 General attendee: NuvoBadge only

  • Level 2 Bronze member: NuvoBadge + $100

  • Level 3 Silver member: NuvoBadge + $200

  • Level 4 Gold member: NuvoBadge + $500

With a leaderboard, the organizer can further set an ultimate reward to the top 1 participant if they wish.


  1. Does my account's overall RP matter?

No, it doesn’t matter. Your account’s overall RP serves as a social bragging power that will show on your profile and allow people to see your overall status when they visit it. There are no other purposes beyond this point. What matters is your total RP in the individual project.

  1. What does my total RP in each project mean?

It varies per project. The project may further determine membership tiers based on NuvoBadge RP, and tiers and how they will be designed is solely up to each project. You are encouraged to read their rules and level up your membership tier.

  1. Some projects give out RPs more loosely, while others are not. Shouldn't users be encouraged to collect NuvoBadges from those projects to get more RP?

No, in fact, there is a disadvantage to the project, which gives out high RP easily, as each account can only accumulate up to 1000 RP. Once that threshold is reached, the users won’t be encouraged or incentivized to engage with the project much anymore.

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