How to design an NFT badge

👋 Hi! Welcome to Nuvo. This guide will teach you the principle of optimizing your NFT badge design.

🪄NFT Badge Composition

The NFT badge comprises a pattern (image) and badge shell. The Dapp's / NFT badge issuer is responsible for designing the pattern (image). The badge shell's color depends on the Reputation Power(RP) you set. The design will then be combined with the badge shell to form a unique NFT badge.

👁️‍🗨️ Color scheme for NFT badge shell

The color of the NFT Badge shell will change automatically based on the Reputation Power(RP) you determine for that badge. Please refer to the below table for the range of each color.

NFT badge image checklist

Please refer to the below checklist before uploading your image.

🤗 Required:

  • Ensure the image is in either of the format: .jpg, png, webp, or SVG.

  • Ensure the image size is equal to or below 2M.


  • It is recommended to upload 600*600 px bitmaps or 1:1 equal scale vector images.

  • Icon with Alpha transparent layer is better for the badge.

  • Using a pattern with a contrasting color to the badge shell can make the badge more eye-catching and unique.

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