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You may want to check your personal wallet detail information such as Wallet Address, Token Distribution, and Transaction Records. Here you can grab the information you need on the platform.
<Figure 1.1> Dashboard

Account Security

In Nuvo, we are aware of the security issues and aim to provide a well-secure environment for our users to engage with. We have provided
1. 2FA Security Verification
You can enhance your security by enabling Email Verification and either Google Authentication or SMS Verification
<Figure 1.2> 2FA Security Verification
2. Wallet Password
Setup another wallet password can also enhance your wallet’s security
<Figure 1.3> Wallet Password Setting
3. Anti-Phishing Code
By enabling this functionality, you can set up personal email sentences every time you receive an email from Nuvo
<Figure 1.4> Email Anti-Phishing Code
4. IP and Devices Logs
By checking the login device's IP address and the browser you are using, we can cross-confirm the login credentials
<Figure 1.5> IP and Devices Logs
<Figure 1.5> IP and Devices Logs
5. IP Address Verification
By enabling this functionality, you can make sure the account is logged, in through one single IP address at a time
<Figure 1.6> IP Address Verification