Reputation Power Web 3.0 for Dapp Owners

Reputation Power Web 3.0 for Dapp Owners

There is an important discussion around Web 3.0 about the ability to manage the identity and reputation of each user that joins the platform. Reputation is very important in our physical world that helps financial processes perform without any issues. To prove the trustworthiness and reliability of the new Web platform, Dapp owners must consider reputation power when using Web 3.0 features.

What are NFT Badges?

All Dapp owners can design NFT badges and they help developers trace every user’s credibility within the Web 3.0 ecosystem. An NFT badge is a great approach for Dapps that provides an opportunity to encompass the achievements and acknowledgments of a member.

A social resume in Web 3.0 can be built on the activity of members and their interactions in the ecosystem. This way, members can mint a unique social NFT which will store all their interactions. Thus, a reputation power factor will be created by performing actions in the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

What is Reputation Power and Why Do We Need It?

Nuvo provides you with an active and live environment and everyone can mint NFT badges and get reputation power according to contributions to the Nuvo ecosystem.

Nuvo works to give everyone reliable information using the Nuvo RP system and it helps everyone get full insight into members’ social credibility.

As a Web 3.0 enthusiast or Nuvo developer, you can sign up on the Nuvo RP system and help yourself with designing your unique social NFT and enhancing your reputation power.

Starting a social NFT is an opening to get a range of capabilities and fulfill Web 3.0 transactions without any issues.

Singing up on the platform is as easy as ABC and you can deploy NFT badges following a few steps.

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