Indexer Logic

The Indexer in the NuvoSphere Inscription Platform is a sophisticated component designed to interact with EVM-compatible blockchains, processing direct operations and contract-emitted events.


  • Event Listening: Continuously monitors blockchain events.
  • Data Indexing: Indexes data from events for efficient retrieval and processing.

Processing Operations

  • Deploy, Mint, and Transfer: Processes these operations based on predefined message formats.
  • Ownership Tracking: Maintains a record of token ownership from minting through subsequent transfers.

Event Handling

  • Parses and processes events related to token deployment, minting, and transfer.
  • Contract Events: Additionally handles specific contract-emitted events that allow for token transfers, enhancing the platform's integration with smart contracts.

Validation and Error Handling

  • Robust validation mechanisms ensure data integrity and correct operation.
  • Error handling manages parsing errors, invalid data, and communication issues with the blockchain.
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