Where to Get Started with

In this session, we will show you how to first use our platform and get started with the web3 decentralized world

Congratulations on joining Nuvo Power!

Our innovative solution helps brands improve user and employee retention, engagement, and loyalty through gamified rewards. Users are in control of their own data and credentials and gain reputation power through actions and contributions.

Login methods

Getting started with Reputation Power(RP) is easy. Our production environment which runs on Nuvo is intuitive and user-friendly. With just a few steps you can create your own Dapp, NFT badges, and campaigns to start engaging with your users. If you are the developer please navigate to the NuvoOne or if you are the user please navigate to the NuvoMe

There are three different ways for you to choose from.

1. Email Login

By entering your email address and getting verification right away, there is no need to remember passwords because we have already taken care of it.

  • Once you navigate back to Nuvo, you may need to enter your User Name, Display Name, and choose the Storing Methods of your Private Keys. Figure 1.7, 1.8

  • Choosing self-custody of the PKeys means that you will have complete control over the wallet and must keep the PKeys safely on your own. In the meantime, you can import a wallet from others or create a new one. Figure 1.9

  • Choosing Nuvo custody of the PKeys means the key is not stored on your own but Nuvo takes the PKeys on your behalf.

2. Metamask

If you are familiar with the web3 wallet, you can use the popular Metamask wallet to log in.

3. Wallet Connect

If the Metamask wall is not your daily drive web3 tool, you can connect with other web3 wallets.

4. Discord

If you are already registered with the Discord community, by verifying the address, you can log in to Nuvo through it.

<Figure 1.3> Login with Email <Figure 1.4> Login with Metamask

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