API Documentation

The REST API of the NuvoSphere Inscription Platform provides programmatic access to blockchain operations. This section documents each endpoint, detailing request formats, responses, and examples.


  • Describes the base URL, authentication methods (if any), and general usage guidelines.

Endpoint Details

Each endpoint is documented with:

  • Path: The URL path of the endpoint.

  • Method: HTTP method (GET, POST, etc.).

  • Parameters: Required and optional parameters.

  • Request Example: Sample request format.

  • Response Example: Example of the expected response.

  • Error Responses: Common error codes and their meanings.

Sample Endpoints

  • Get Next ID for Minting

    • Path: /:ticker/nextid

    • Method: GET

    • ...

  • Check ID Availability

    • Path: /:ticker/checkid

    • Method: GET

    • ...

  • Transfer Ownership

    • Path: /message/transfer/:ticker/:id

    • Method: GET

    • ...

Usage Examples

  • Code snippets or example requests to demonstrate how to interact with each endpoint.

Error Handling

  • Information on how the API communicates errors and how to interpret th

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