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NuvoOne is a place for developers to dive in and create Domain, Dapps, smart contract, and issue the Nuvo Badge. Check out below to find out more


In Nuvo One Dashboard you can grab the information of all your Dapps and get an idea of the Active users, and API calls based on the different periods of time.


Domain management can let you create a unique domain and associate the domain with the smart contract deployed on multiple chains. Each chain has unique specifications, and contracts on multiple chains have different addresses. Nuvo helps to achieve the feature with Domain management.

A contract associated with a decentralized application can be deployed on multiple chains. Our job is to provide a unique identifier of the contract on any number to manage multiple domains from one central place. Nuvo helps you achieve this feature with domain management options.

  • Dapp developers can create a unique domain and associate the domain with a smart contract that has been deployed on multiple domains.

  • The created domain can be simply updated to point to a new contract address.

  • Other smart contracts can call methods based on the created domain.

  • Users can trade domains on the domain marketplace.

1. Searching Global Domain

Global domains are here to help you with APIs and you can use them on the Nuvo platform. You can use global domains to create a decentralized application using the Nuvo dashboard. Global domains are ready to use and provide quick deployment for decentralized apps. Type a keyword in the search box to access the global domain you want in no time.

2. Creating or Editing Domain

Nuvo allows you to create a new domain associated with specific smart contracts. Sign up and log in to your Nuvo account and go to the Domain management section to create a new one.

You can create a new domain by clicking on “Create New Domains” and giving the required information to manage everything in Nuvo. The domain name can be anything and you can set the chain ID and the contract address as well.

There is an option to edit each domain, delete the domain, and apply more settings if needed.

Smart Contract

Developers can use the “Smart Contract” section on the Nuvo platform to manage their smart contracts and register new ones. Here you have two options that you can use to register a new template or search for created templates.

1. Register New Templates

You need your smart contract code and some information to register a new template. Click on the “Register” icon to proceed. You can register your template in the new window by providing the template name, source code, and some other information.

Query Smart Contracts

Querying smart contracts can be done in the “Smart Contract” section. Use the “template name” box to set a name and click on the “Query” icon to proceed.

You can use the “Review Details” button to check the template’s information and customize it to deploy on a specific domain created before.

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