Issue Nuvo Badge

Once we have created an application, we are now ready to issue a Nuvo Badge. Simple go to "NuvoBadge Issuer" menu item on the left navigation menu, and click "+ Issue NuvoBadge".

Now we need to fill in information related to the badge.

  • DApp - this is the application that we just created which is going to be associated with the NuvoBadge project, simply select it from the drop-down box.

  • Chain - In this case we'll leave the default Goerli test net chain. Note that in production deployment, we should use Metis mainnet (Andromeda).

  • Badge levels - You can design a badge and RP scheme to suite your project needs. Please refer to How to design an NFT badge for detailed guide.

  • Badge image - upload your badge image (one for each badge level)

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