Navigate to NuvoID

You can navigate to NuvoPass by the URL directly or you can find the link in NuvoMe

Badge Display Wall

Navigate to NuvoID you will see the personal NuvoID information. Click EXPLORE the displaying badges are all the projects launched in Nuvo and issued with NFT badges.

Mint NuvoID

The first thing first is to mint your NuvoID in Nuvo! Smash the Mascot and navigate to the NuvoID Minting page. Give your avatar a name and pay with a few Gas Fees (Metis token), and you are all set. The avatar is minted by random so be excited about what your unique avatar will look like!

Ranking Board

How do you know which is the best engaging Dapp and the most popular Badges in the web3? Nuvo has provided a Ranking Board for your easy reference to browse through the whole list. There are three types of ranking categories.

1. Dapp Ranking

You will see the Top ranking Dapps with the information on how many NFT Badges have been issued, and how many users have claimed the badges.

2. User Ranking

You will see the most engaged user list with the amount of how many NFT Badges they have claimed and how many RP values they have.

3. NFT Badges Ranking

You will see the NFT Badges top ranking list according to the amount of the minted NFT. The more NFTs being minted the more users get engaged.

My NFT Badge Collection and NP

To check my personal NFT badge collection and RP value, by clicking on the NuvoID avatar you can see your current Total Reputation Power, Joined Days, Total Badges, and the list of your claimed Dapp list.

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