BLS Wallet

What’s BLS Wallet

BLS Wallet is part of Privacy & Scaling Exploration (PSE), an open source project supported by the Ethereum foundation that functions as a signature aggregator, reducing the amount of data storage required for transactions on the blockchain. Transactions are bundled into a single signature, while each transaction can still be verified, making transactions more efficient and less costly. Nuvo has collaborated closely with the BLS wallet team over the past six months to create a unique integration experience on NuvoOne.

What’s the Benefit

  • Gasless Transactions

By enabling BLS wallet modules to sign transactions with BLS signatures in your dApps. Users can engage with zero gas fees and simply increase the onboarding experiences. e.g., NuvoMe users can perform transactions without having a balance, such as minting Nuvo badge and Nuvo Pass.

  • Code Change Free

By using NuvoOne, dapps can easily take advantage of the new features without changing a line of code.

  • Account Recovery

Allows account recovery and re-assign for business accounts.

How to use this

  • Prerequisite

  1. The Dapp (NuvoOne Application) must have the BLS function enabled.

  2. NuvoMe users must authorize login to the corresponding Dapp.

  3. Only contract operations are effective, and the transaction value must be equal to 0.

  4. The NuvoMe wallet type should be NuvoWallet, any other wallet type like MetaMask is not supported at this time for now.

  • Where to check and turn it on

  1. The NuvoMe Dashboard Application Transaction displays whether the transaction was submitted using BLS (field: Use BLS Submit). It also shows the BLS WALLET ADDRESS used. Figure 1.1

  2. The Transaction Hash is the BLS bundle tx hash. This transaction may contain multiple actual submission transactions. To view the transaction information on the explorer, look at internal transactions and use the BLS wallet address to find the corresponding internal transaction records.

  3. Navigate to NuvoOne and choose the Application tab. You will see the Use of BLS-WALLET function there for you to turn it on. Figure 1.2

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